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HueSpace features an all-in-one approach to data management, compute and visualization.

HueSpace offers significant benefits and enables you to

Maximize Your Computer Capabilities.

HueSpace-powered applications "know" what processors - CPUs and/or GPUs - that are available, and manages such technologies in a super smart way.

Increase Your Software Developers' Productivity.

All-in-one platform means no need for developers to write and manage all of the code, so they can focus on developing new domain functionality.

Create New Great Functionality & Boost E&P End-Users' Productivity.

Deliver highly interactive and responsive applications to the E&P end users - faster and better than with traditional applications.

Easily Adopt Next-Generation Technology, Now And In the Future.

We work closely with technology leaders so that you will always have access to the latest in processing capabilities - without any changes to application program code.

Achieve Faster-Than-You-Can-Believe Performance.

Visualization and user interaction drive compute so you can quickly process and render terabyte-sized datasets or grids with hundreds of millions of cells.

Have Expert Advice Readily Available.

Hue's dedicated team of experts are ready to help you excel far beyond expectations.