The New Way to Geoscience Success

We tackle complex E&P software challenges and discover new innovative ways to solve them.

Innovative Geoscience. Hue started out in 2001 as a two-person company, consisting of the founders and 3D visualization experts Thomas Hagen and Paul Endresen. Both had extensive experience and knowledge of game-engine technology, and they were convinced that other industries could benefit greatly from the same approach. Hence, they set out to create a new development platform for the oil and gas E&P industry based on the flexible gaming model.

Their solution has since enabled companies to approach software development from more of a business perspective; resulting in less coding hassle for software developers and allowing them to focus on developing what matters, plus a dramatically improved software experience for the end-users.

We've continued to grow and now employ over 20 people between Oslo and Houston, with a majority of over 80% being engineers focusing solely on developing a world-leading product and working closely with our clients. We will continue to be a start-up "at heart" as we evolve further to meet clients' challenges.

Who We Are

We're Developers. Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Business Smarts. And so much more.

Hue's team consists of exceptionally smart people that deliver best-of-breed technology, with a unique crossing of skill-sets and experiences, ranging from self-taught and dedicated programmers who spent their teenage years writing code just for fun, to Ph.Ds with lots of research experience, mathematicians that like to dig deep into algorithms, MBAs, and other backgrounds. As a team we gladly provide expert advice and support that enable our clients to go far beyond what the market and users currently expect.

What We Do

Obviously, we write code. A lot of it. More importantly, we write code to continuously improve our technology and ensuring our technology far surpass what's expected, allowing customers to truly excel at what they do. Our customers have enjoyed the ability to develop applications that are years ahead of the best competing software, delivering clear and tangible value to their business. In addition, they have experienced a level of software development agility and productivity unrivaled in the industry.

Our History