Bluware, Hue and Headwave Forming a New Powerhouse for E&P Geoscience and Engineering Technology

Houston, TX, October 13, 2016 – Bluware Inc., Hue AS and Headwave Inc. will soon join forces to form the most capable and innovative organization in the field of geoscience and engineering software. The new company will boast more than 100 technology professionals spread across offices in Houston, Oslo, Paris and Vietnam.

The planned merger brings together a highly respected software consulting team with the most advanced geoscience software development platform. While Bluware has a track record for delivering innovative solutions to industry giants, the technology from Hue and Headwave supports business-critical activities at major oil companies and provides a foundation used by commercial software vendors. Together they will deliver even more powerful software capabilities that outpace anything the industry has seen to date. These new technology and services offerings will enable future industry leaders to discover and produce more hydrocarbons with a stronger return on investment.

Now is the time to move forward,” said Rick Jones, Bluware CEO. “We see major computing innovations in the form of Multicore Processing, GPUs, Cloud, IIoT, Analytics and Machine Learning. These new capabilities will drive the 3rd Wave of E&P software—bringing new solutions to current problems and empowering industry leaders to tackle a completely new range of challenges.”

The combination of extensible technology with a scalable services organization enables the companies to deliver greater value across a broader range of objectives in shorter periods of time. Consulting engagements benefit from a foundational integration platform while product development is enhanced and accelerated through the synergies of a larger team working across multiple domains.

The individual companies already do business with several global oil and gas operators and established oilfield service companies. “Oil companies worldwide value the close collaborative nature in which we are able to bring innovative technology and high-end software services to their most critical exploration and production objectives,” said Lars Olrik, CEO of the future combined company.

During previous IT waves in the 1980s and 1990s, the E&P industry gained access to databases, cross-platform desktop solutions, 3D visualization and cluster computing. Yet in the last 15-20 years many advances in the IT industry never found their way into E&P software.

Going forward, the industry needs integrated offerings that are considerably more advanced than today’s tools—and with a new workforce moving in, these new products must be easier and faster to use, yielding productivity gains that are unachievable with current technologies.

The 3rd Wave is truly about putting first our clients’ desire for integration, innovation and change. Not only do we have solid industry experience, world-class computer scientists and technologies and platform designed for the future, but our modus operandi is to create value in close collaboration with our clients,” said Diderich Buch, CEO of Hue AS and CEO and Chairman of Headwave Inc.

Working together, the combined companies can:

  • Enable software that replaces tedious and manual effort with high-precision, near real-time analysis and decision making.
  • Deliver technology consulting and integration services that extend the value of science and engineering capabilities throughout the E&P lifecycle.
  • Provide a team dedicated to working together with clients to advance E&P capabilities through joint R&D initiatives.

Over the years the Industry has extracted great value from Nvidia technologies, but the GPU revolution has just begun. The full value of the GPU requires truly modern software architecture to enable interactive and intuitive workflows for rapid and more accurate decision making. We are delighted to see some of our best partners joining forces to extract and deliver more business value from our leading-edge technology investment,” said Paul Holzhauer, Director of Oil & Gas Segment for Nvidia.

"Microsoft continues to invest in the digital transformation of the O&G industry. The infinite storage and processing capabilities of Microsoft Azure will unleash hyper-scalable computing and entirely new business models that can bring tremendous benefit to E&P companies. We strongly support our partner ecosystem in the innovation of software that delivers streamlined workflows, enables breakthrough data-driven insights, and enables better, more interactive decision-making,” said Kadri Umay, Director of Industry Technology Strategy at Microsoft.

In today's market, operators must compete as much with economic forces as they do with each other. If your objectives involve ideas like optimize, streamline, do more with less, work faster, and get it right the first time, then this new company is the right place to turn for game-changing innovation.

About Bluware

Bluware is a software consulting firm focused exclusively on the upstream oil and gas industry. Founded in 1987, we have worked with the world’s leading operators to create software solutions that maximize the contribution of geoscience disciplines to the business of finding and producing oil. While many other consulting companies center their efforts on business operations, Bluware works with the people who drive the science behind the drilling. We are passionate about finding new ways to use computing technology in pursuit of a better well plan. Our software engineers understand the complex technical concepts involved in subsurface applications and data. Most importantly, we continuously strive to extend the impact of geoscience throughout the well lifecycle. For more information, visit

About Hue AS

Hue develops unique and tailored software and services to solve the most complex visualization and compute challenges for oil and gas E&P. Hue has developed HueSpace, the only software development toolkit created exclusively for E&P that combines exceptional data management, advanced compute capabilities, and state-of-the-art visualization into a single, easy-to-use toolkit, unified by a Core Engine. By working with Hue, oil companies can develop both in-house and commercial solutions that go far beyond what the market and users currently expect. For more information, visit

About Headwave, Inc.

Headwave, Inc. is a US / Norwegian company, which aims to augment and ultimately replace the two preceding generations of geoscience software with the third wave geoscience software. The company is headquartered in Houston, TX with offices in Norway and Vietnam. The company recently introduced Headwave 3, the first Third Wave geoscience software product and Foundation for geoscience research, along with products for handling and interactive analysis of unlimited wide-azimuth datasets; stratigraphic and quantitative interpretation; pre- and post-stack interpretation and analysis; and velocity model building for domain conversion. The software is available on Windows or Linux, and takes full advantage of all compute resources (CPUs and GPUs). The Foundation provides fully documented APIs for geoscience and workflow R&D. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact

Lars Olrik, +1 281 222 6628, Phone: +1 970-231-9716,

Michael O’Sullivan, +1 281 256 5211,

Diderich Buch, +47 922 90 446,

Michele Isernia, +1 970 231 9716,

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