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  • Hue to present at the 2017 Rice Oil & Gas HPC Conference (March 15-16)

    Hue's VP Strategy & Alliances, Michele Isernia, is speaking at the 2017 Rice Oil & Gas HPC Conference.

    Wednesday, March 15, 3:04pm - 3:08pm   -   4 minute lightning talk

    Disruptive Technology: Global Collaborative E&P Cloud workflow on Amazon

    The combination of advanced cloud infrastructure with modern software architectures can enable complex E&P workflows. Modern data management enables the integration between on premise and cloud interpretation, while browser based remote visualization enables remote users to collaborate on any hardware (PCs, Tablets, etc...).

    The scalability and performance optimization that can be achieved on modern clouds with the power of GPUs is multiplied several orders of magnitude by the advanced software architecture of HueSpace to the point where it is worth asking the question: What if anything of what you are trying to do every day could be 1,000 times faster? Not just an algorithm, but the whole workflow ? How would this change the way you work, what questions could you ask and how it would change the business fundamentals of your domain?

    We will demonstrate a live workflow where all the North Sea data is fully available and accessible using Headwave interpretation software. Multiple interpreters can freely collaborate across the globe, sharing interpretations that are uploaded in a common environment and where advanced HPC algorithms are executed in real time to enable interactive decisions making.

    This results in modern exploration workflows that contribute to cost effective exploration and related business decisions in the world of $40-50/bbl. 

    This presentation will be co-presented by Amazon and by Hue, and the live demo environment will be offered for free during the conference and for a week after the conference to all Rice HPC participants (we are validating this, but we will try to do this or at least enable the first 50-100 users). We would also be interested in enabling some Rice Univ. students to build HPC algorithms on our platform and showcasing it during the workflow, to demonstrate how this environment can open up opportunities for young scientists with entrepreneurial aspirations to build a business.

    Meet at RICE

    Contact Michele if you want to meet at RICE or you want to learn more about Hue technologies.

    Phone: +1 970-231-9716

    Email: michele.isernia@hue.no

    Event Location:
    BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) Building, Rice University, 6500 Main St, Houston, Texas 77030

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