Paradigm Uses Hue's Seismic Compression Technology in New Release

Paradigm introduces new compression roaming capability for interpreting seismic data - based on a technology partnership with Hue. The capability results in higher productivity when interpreting data while easing disk storage congestion.


Paradigm® ( announces a new seismic data compression roaming capability for seismic data that enables end users to rapidly manipulate large seismic volumes while maintaining seismic precision and reducing data storage costs. This capability, based on a technology partnership with Hue AS (, is implemented natively within the Paradigm interpretation suite, allowing users to seamlessly analyze their data. Compression roaming provides significantly better results when compared to other industry solutions, for example:

  • Definable compression levels to address customer challenges with data storage, according to end user requirements
  • 4x-15x compression in common workflows
  • Excellent quality at much higher levels of compression
  • Industry-leading performance for compression, and on-the-fly decompression into Paradigm applications for interactive use of seismic data

Given the importance of seismic data quality, the compression algorithm does not negatively impact amplitude, phase and frequency. “Compression roaming is yet another development in our ongoing effort to help our users extract as much productivity out of their computer systems as possible, while reducing data storage costs,” said Indy Chakrabarti, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Paradigm. “Paradigm developers work hard to provide customers with the optimal return on their investment in computer hardware by continually adapting our solutions to the latest computing capabilities.” “Working with large oil companies and service companies, we analyzed the challenges these companies experienced as datasets were increasing in size”, said Diderich Buch, CEO of Hue. “Hue’s seismic compression, HueStreams, was developed to provide a better solution for IT, HPC and end users, driving down costs while improving the end user experience.” To evaluate how the different compression levels will affect your data, try Paradigm’s complimentary stand-alone Compression Roaming Preview utility (for Linux and Windows).

Download PDGM's press release here.

Download HueStreams brochure here.

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