• Bill Fiser Development Team

    Bill joined Hue's team in 2013 as a Senior Software Architect. He graduated from Auburn University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Wireless Engineering. He went on to work for ExxonMobil, working with Seismic Processing Applications and HPC. Bill is an avid bike racer – and a simple Google query tells you that he’s highly competitive! Bill enjoys life in the Houston Heights with his wife.

  • Diderich Buch, CEO Management

    Based in Oslo, Diderich manages both Hue and it's sister company, Headwave. Prior to Hue, he was involved with startup companies, in strategy, business development, director and advisory roles since 1995.  His background is from the business side and claims to fame include building a successful software group in financial trading technology (which went public) and a bit of 6510 assembly. Diderich lives on the outskirts of Oslo and is married to Hanne who he's got two amazing kids with.

  • Erlend Simonsen Development Team

    Erlend has over 20 years of professional programming experience, plus over 25 years of "bedroom-hacking". Erlend is genuinely interested in new and cool technology and everything computer-related. Erlend joined Hue in 2011 as a Senior Programmer in charge of implementing and maintaining a top-of-the-line infrastructure. Prior to joining Hue, Erlend has worked for companies such as Funcom, Fairplay International, Fifth Season, Aspiro and more. Erlend lives in a suburb of Oslo with his wife and two kids.

  • Johan Seland Development Team

    Johan is the most recent addition to our development team. He is passionate about clean code, team management, parallel computing and cycling. In his previous role he was the Research Manager for the Heterogeneous Computing Group at SINTEF ICT, after having been a Research Scientist in the group since it's inception. He is now ready to take on complete responsibility of the Hue compute system for HPC usage, and looks forward to see his work being used in real-world scenarios. Johan is a technology enthusiast with a strong theoretical background (PhD) in computer science and applied mathematics, as well as having hands on experience ranging from low-level GPU assembly, via functional programming languages, and cloud-framework to project- and team-management. 

  • Kelly Walker Development Team

    Kelly graduated in 2003 with a degree from Baylor University, and went right to work as a technical software developer in the oil and gas industry. Six years later he joined the team at Hue as one of the lead architects. He also works closely with some of Hue’s clients to make sure they get what they want (within reason!). As a husband and father of three, Kelly only has time to maintain a short list of hobbies, chief among which is reading - sci-fi/fantasy, theology, philosophy, history, technical/programming, etc.

  • Kim Motoyoshi Kalland Development Team

    Kim joined Hue as a Software Engineer in 2012, complementing our great developer team nicely with his exceptional skills in C++, graphics and Qt. Prior to joining Hue, Kim was with Nokia working on Qt Development Frameworks for 4 years. Kim received his M.Sc. in Computational Science from the University of Oslo in 2008.

  • Linda Gaasø Marketing and Administration

    Linda joined Hue as Manager Administration & Marketing in 2009, a brief month after finishing her Master in Technology, Innovation and Knowledge at the University in Oslo. Linda's favourite thing about Hue is the flat organization structure (no bureaucracy bottlenecks), the entrepreneurial and independent culture, and the fact that she has the possibility of continuously learning something new and assume as much responsibility as she likes.  When she's not busy heading up marketing and admin efforts, Linda enjoys traveling, exercising, and sunny weather (not all Norwegians are winter people). Linda lives downtown Oslo together with Mads.

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  • Marius Storm-Olsen Development Team

    Marius joined Hue as VP Technology, Strategic Alliances in 2012. Prior to joining Hue, Marius was instrumental in the development of Qt in Trolltech, and later Nokia. His role in Hue is to take technical lead (together w/Kelly & Paul) on the expansion of our office in the US, and he is tightly involved with all technical projects and clients in the US. Marius has an Executive Master of Management degree from BI Norwegian Business School, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Washington State University and a Computer Engineering degree from Buskerud University College in Norway. Marius is married and has three little girls.

  • Michele Isernia Management

    Michele, aka "Mik", joined Hue as EVP of Strategy & Alliances in 2012 after many years in leading strategy and business development positions within companies like NVIDIA, Microsoft and HP. Mik's enthusiastic and optimistic being combined with his tremendous industry knowledge and business acumen makes him a great fit for Hue's entrepreneurial culture. 

  • Mohammad Ravanbakhsh Development Team

    Mohammad Ravanbakhsh received the B.S. and M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from Azad University and Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran in 2003 and 2006 respectively. He received a full scholarship from the Norwegian Research Council in 2007, and started his PhD in Informatics (Computer Science) at the University of Bergen in Norway in 2007. After finishing his PhD in 2009, he continued working at the university as a researcher for one year. He joined Wartsila Norway AS in 2011 as a research engineer. In 2012 Mohammad joined Hue as a Senior Software Developer.

  • Morten Baumann Ofstad Development Team

    Morten has worked with computer graphics since graduating from high school. As one of the first employees of a Norwegian company developing and publishing games, namely Funcom, he created the game engine for the 2D games that formed the basis of Funcom's initial growth. He's been working as the lead developer of several successful game titles from studios like Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in London and Innerloop Studios in Oslo. In between jobs in the gaming industry he completed a M.Sc. in computer science at the University of Oslo, graduating with honors. Besides 3D graphics, Morten's interests include compiler technology, system architecture and image processing. Morten is Hue's Senior Software Engineer and in-house espresso expert, and he often brings his wide general knowledge to many lunch topics.

  • Ozgur Gonen Development Team

    Ozgur started working for Hue as an intern in 2013 while completing his PhD studies in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M. Ozgur enjoys suffering from some sophisticated math and geometric algorithms. He has some publicized papers and academic appearances. His leisure is  occupied by music, social dancing and wondering around the cosmos.

  • Paul Endresen Development Team

    Paul founded Hue together with Thomas.  Throughout his career Paul has been well known for repeat innovation - if there's some challenge that has others hitting their heads against a wall, he'll come up with a technically brilliant solution.  Together with Morten, Paul has designed large parts of the HueSpace compute system and the HueSpace visualization pipeline.  To most people who have had the pleasure of working with Paul, it usually comes as a surprise that he doesn't have any formal education in computer science. Apparently this has never stopped him from being a tremendously smart architect/developer.  Paul now plays a critical role in the expansion of the company to Houston, where he currently serves in a position as Chief Architect & Director. Paul lives in Houston with his wife, Cesilie.

  • Stein Pedersen Development Team

    Stein has a computer game background and has spent years working with Paul, Thomas and Morten.  He was an early employee in Hue and has been the primary architect of the HueSpace event system and the method that Hue uses to generate APIs automatically.  Stein's a die-hard C++ and C# programmer and also a C64 demo coder.  He is married to Khadra and they've got two kids and live in Oslo.  

  • Thomas Hagen Development Team

    Thomas founded Hue in 2001 along with Paul Endresen. He was the CTO of the company for many years, but has more recently shifted his attention to the design and development of the Headwave application. He lives in Kolbotn, just outside of Oslo, with his stunning wife Kristin and their four delightful kids.

  • Zhongze Li Development Team

    Zhongze joined Hue as Senior Software Architect in 2013.  Zhongze previously worked at AMD, where he was working on high performance math libraries for AMD GPUs, and is well versed in OpenCL, MPI, OpenMP, TBB and parallel sparse iterative / direct solvers. Before AMD, Zhongze worked for Texas Instruments where he worked on parallel sparse direct solvers for circuit simulation. Zhongze holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics in China. Zhongze’s main focus is optimizing performance of computational plugins in HueSpace.