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    Watch Hue's lightning talk "HueSpace: The next generation software development platform for E&P Visual Computing" from the RICE HPC Event on March 6, 2014. The speaker is our VP of Strategy and Alliances, Michele Isernia.

    Presentation Description

    Building modern, high performance and interactive visual computing software is quite difficult and this is proven by the major technology gap between the E&P software currently in use and the latest computing technologies available. HueSpace comes from the 3D interactive gaming industry and it is being adopted by major commercial ISVs and oil majors to develop the next generation of E&P software.

    Hue has been developing HueSpace since 2001 and the platform is solid and validated in production environments, it is also broad as it spans from Seismic to Reservoir to Drilling and Production. The 3D gaming industry in the last 10 years adopted the "engine" model where a single engine controls visualization, computation and large data streaming. This model has enabled the gaming industry to expand and grow tremendously. Huespace is the only commercial solution for E&P bringing this model to the industry.

    HueSpace enables practically unlimited data size, utilizing intelligent streaming and advanced wavelet compression to stream data on demand and apply advanced computing algorithms to the data "in flight", driven by the interactive user experience and workflow. This approach is so powerful and so different that it is literally changing many of the traditional workflows in E&P. HueSpace takes care of all the data management around computing and visualization, automatically takes advantage of multiple accelerators and the data decomposition required.

    During the presentation we will cover the core architecture and programming model. We will then demonstrate an application that will handle massive TB datasets, apply interactive computing and visualization that normally requires cluster computing and multiple hours or days to solve, and show some of the most advanced 3D visualization available to date. We will also demo the same application working in the cloud and collaboratively across multiple users, from laptops, browsers, tablets, etc...

    HueSpace supports Linux and Windows, C, C++, .Net/C#, Java and Python and can be used to develop brand new interactive visual applications a well as extend existing software. HueSpace supports hybrid architectures, enabling GPU computing and other accelerators.

    Download Presentation

    You can view or download the presentation slides here.

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