Working With Us

We believe that close collaboration is the best way to succeed, and thus engage and work closely with all our clients. Your extensive geoscience knowledge and experience combined with our ability and passion for finding elegant and high-performance solutions to challenging problems will enable you to deliver the innovative geoscience needed to meet E&P demand. 

We only succeed when our customers succeed, which means always delivering more than what's expected and providing a superior experience.

Our Services

Our core business is developing unique and tailored software and services to solve the most complex visualization and compute challenges for oil and gas E&P. We offer three types of services: licensing, training and implementation.

HueSpace Licensing

HueSpace for licensing as SDK and run-time for E&P, including training of initial groups of developers.

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HueSpace Training

Hue offers training as a service for larger groups of developers.

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HueSpace Implementation services

Hue offers professional implementation services.

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